Our Staff



In shared custody, Enzo works as a mascot one in two weekends.

If you book with us by phone, it is possible that Enzo occasionally responds to you. He has some problems understanding the concept of the phone and still thinks that the person is somewhere in the room … We try to train him to speak human, he has difficulty with the letters “G”, “S”, ” V “,” B “,” K “,” M “,” N “… but he is doing very well with the” W “and” F “. PLEASE BE PATIENT !!

If you are afraid of dogs, rest assured, this one is completely harmless and likes everything that moves with passion.

Rock Lalande

Rock Lalande

Deputy director, guide, shareholder

There are those who settle down with age, and there are those like Roch who don’t know what that mean. Still as daring as he was at age of 20, with few less hair, Roch likes to create rivalries between boats. If you are in another boat, you must watch your back. He enjoys a moment of relaxation on the water to surprise you and show you that the river is pleasantly warm. If you resist, he will prefer break a finger rather than live the humiliation of having missed his shot to push you out of the boat. Good luck!

Francois Poulin

Francois Poulin

Assistant director, guide

A.k.a The Louse, for his 6’5” frame and his intelligence (a Louse is really beautiful and intelligent…), François use to be a guide. After taking a short break to find the love of his life and start a family, he joins us again with a new perspective on life and administrative skills. Is one of the brain behind this website. In our meeting he represent the respected opinion. François is part owner of Rafting Momentum and father of two.

Philippe Ouellette

Philippe Ouellette

General director, river manager, kayaker, bus driver

A.k.a The Veteran! Phil Ouell has more then 20 years experience as a guide and river manager. His passion for the rapids, makes this business his # 1 priority. And so all year long, Phil Ouell devotes his time and energy to making this new company viable and successful. Philippe is part owner of Rafting Momentum and father of Émile 🙂


Émile Ouellette

Future Raft Guide, son of the boss

Too small to be tall, this little boy will face in a near future an easy to solve dilemma. Becoming a soccer player as his mom would like OR become a raft guide like his dad would love 🙂 Our future guide is now 6 years old, he will be already on his 15th family fun run down the river. Launched in a rapid at 2 years old (not the best idea), his dad renew the experience at 3 years (still not the best idea). At 4, he did not want to swim rapid anymore. We hope this summer to convince him to swim the rapid by promising him some chocolate.

Érick Martel

Érick Martel


This is an old guide. He worked in the distant past for a company named “Ottawa Adventure”. After a break of a few years as a guide, Erick is the living proof that once a guide, always a guide. He his what he was 10 years ago… with just a bit less shape. Rafting Momentum count him as an extremely reliable quality resource. Come see him in the spring and admire its Barney look! Father of 3 children, one of his sons has become an excellent kayaker who works with us.

Adam Laterreur

Adam Laterreur – A.k.a Little Bomb

River board guide, guide

Little Bomb was a life guard for several years. He is an emotive with suppressed feelings that uses Rafting Momentum and his clients as therapy. If you have Adam as a guide, you will have to sign a notary waiver releasing us of all responsibility concerning his mood swings! He once wore mascara voluntarily before heading out and he is a guide in which we have great confidence in. It is very rare for a guide to evoque such strength, enough to break a paddle in half! Adam is going on his third paddle and since then we have less paddles!

Adam Laterreur

Jamie Cloutier

Guide with us since 2017

She has completed her training with great determination. This lady is a crossfit maniac weightlifter who loves to keep active and live life with unique experience. Jamie is a great traveler with the odd habit of tattooing her body every time she travels. On her next trip she will have to tattoo her hair.

Adam Laterreur

David Velandia

Colombian native of… Colombia…

David is devoted to our cause. He is one of those who perseveres and never give up. For a native of a southern country, he braved the cold of the river in the spring. During his training, in the morning when the temperature is at its lowest, we had breakfast together and David was shivering so much he looked blurry. Some will say that he is brave, I think he is naïve. His perseverance and determination have made him a kayaker and guide very appreciated.

Adam Laterreur

Shawn Bastien

The most clumsy man in the world

We are proud to have in our team Shawn, the most clumsy man in the world (unlucky according to him). There is only one place in the world where you can see a man getting hurt 3 times in less than 15 minutes while he is (dangerously) walking. Our cook, handyman and trusted man on the base. Here’s our Mr. MonOncle 🙂

Adam Laterreur

Vincent Turbide

Our most competent employee (on paper)

River manager, guide, kayaker, bus driver, Mr. “I do everything” is our most competent employee (on paper). Vincent graduates from a Outdoor Adventure Tourism school program. This allowed him to experience various work experiences and accumulate essentials habits. The perfectionist in him reacts strongly to the absurdity, the illogical, the inconsistent, the irrational, the incompetent … Since Rafting offers a panoply of these absurd behaviors, you will have with you a guide who. .. react. With his long golden hair with Viking look, our former “Shampoo model” is passionate and we are proud that he is the influence on our team and the tutor of our rookies.