Rafting Package « Family Momentum »

A Family package for the little one

Discover your sense of adventure and love of the outdoors on this fun and memorable family-friendly rafting trip. Take a break from the routine and spend quality time with your love ones with us. The Family Momentum package guarantees no boat flipping but outstanding scenery and lots of laugh. You will surf, you will bodysurf and you’ll get wet! It’s an ideal outdoor activity for families, children, seniors, and anyone looking for a gentle rafting adventure. As our experienced guide take you and children through the river, you will soak in amazing views, and get a chance to cool off with a quick dip in the pure, white water. It’s an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your family, show your kids a fun time and enjoy the incredible beauty of what Ottawa River has to offer in the summer time.

bateau de rafting se renversant dans la rivière des Outaouais


Costs of the package « Family Momentum »




Amount per person

What’s included:
  • Full day of Rafting
  • Two meals
  • River equipment
  • Overnight camping
  • A small beer or beverage at the end of the day
  • A wonderful guide
Available options :
  • Breakfast / Adult $11.31 / Child $6.96
  • 2nd night of camping / Adult $13.04 / Child $6.52
  • Souvenir video-photos / $69.58
Available rentals:
  • Water shoes / $4.35
  • Wet suit (wet suit) / $6.52/piece, 2 pieces available (overalls and coat), free in May

Requirements :  Children must weigh more than 40 pounds. We won’t accept a three months old baby who weigh more than 40 pounds ?

*Discount: Only apply on adult price.