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KNOW MORE about our reception Barn

Our reception Barn can receive up to 200 people. The Rafting Momentum accommodations allow you to be in complete harmony with nature. One side of our Barn opens up to see our forested grounds and our campfire. We preserve nearly all the trees that grow on these grounds to offer that feeling of remoteness despite our proximity to the big city of Ottawa (100km). Our rustic Barn has an open concept design; the high ceilings giving off a feeling of grandness. Its roof is adorned with multiple openings allowing sunlight to come through. Trees surrounding the campfire area give the impression of an indoor terrasse continuing out from the building. The lighting is reminiscent of a warm ambiance while the encircling torches in the evening accentuate the tribal look, providing a comfortable atmosphere. Wood, burning on a fire, the outdoors… it smells good!

Possibility of a banquet, bar service, projector, big screen and sound system. A stage for musicians, many tables and a bar on the division between indoors and outdoors fill up the ground floor. The first mezzanine adorned with a few more tables is an open space with a large opening allowing for maximum lighting and an outside view. The second mezzanine is a “lounge” style area. Furnished with sofas allowing for a well-earned rest after a day of Rafting. With a breathtaking décor, three large doors give access to a 15 meter high balcony overlooking the campfire area and the surrounding area.

Take advantage of our reception Barn for a one-of-a-kind reunion (at no extra cost with a rafting reservation of 40 people or more). Our rustic look can also satisfy the most romantic among us for a marriage ceremony, or a unique honeymoon experience. End of the year school trip, “bachelorette” party or a man’s coming of age?! Our base camp can be at your disposal. Our camp grounds have room for 200 people. Let us know what it is that you want, give us 48h and we can be at your service. Pair your reservation with a Rafting outing or other white water activities and you’ll be eligible for a discounted price. We have no limits. We are Rafting Momentum, a company devoted to impressing you.




Rustic cottage – Option 1 

• 147.06$/night – For 5 People;
• +8.40$/bed – Bed sheets and pillows;
• +10.08$/extra person;
• With mezzanine hammock;

• Winter, 2 nights minimum. Price 155.46$/night.


Rustic cottage – Option 2 

• 126.05$/night – For 4 people;
• +8.40$/bed – Bed sheets and pillows;
• +10.08$/extra person;
• Maximum 8 people;

• Winter, 2 nights minimum. Price 155.46$/night.

Plus taxes (GST and PST) and Tax on Lodging (3.5%)

KNOW MORE about our rustic Cottages

All our cottages are equipped with:

• Wood stove and firewood;
• Propane stove;
• Cooking Essentials;
• Dishes;
• A supply of drinking water;
• Shower;
• Waterless toilet;
• Queen bed;
• Sofa bed.

For those not equipped for camping or who simply prefer a high level of comfort, our rustic cottages will exceed your expectations. Our cottages are equipped with a full kitchen, a full bathroom and two beds. Room enough for four people to sleep comfortably. Open concept with a mezzanine and many windows allowing for a remarkable natural lighting.

In the summer, they are mostly reserved for our Rafting clientele and can accommodate a maximum of eight people. You will need to provide your own air mattresses and sleeping bags (not included) if you exceed four people. The cottages are without electricity or running water which allows for a return to our roots. 🙂 Yes, showers are still possible, ask us how! For our Rafting groups, battery lighting is more than sufficient, allowing for an out of the ordinary night time experience. Within walking distance of our reception Barn, the cottages are still far enough to have a relaxing time away from the commotion of the evening Rafting party.

For our romantics, our lightning choices will charm you and the candle light dinners will allow for unforgettable moments. You will experience the simplicity of a pure ambiance, natural and without electricity, just like the old times.

Our accommodations are situated on a wooded grounds allowing for winter hiking as well as summer.

Our cottages are suitable for romantic getaways, evenings with friends or a retreat far from the stress of work or sometimes, your significant other 😉

During the winter, upon your arrival, it will already be warm and comfortable for you. You will have all the firewood you will need to keep it that way. An axe will be available to you in case you feel the need to chop your own wood. It can be therapeutic. 😉

Ready with all the commodities you need, you will take in the great air of rustic cottages.





• 109.24$/night For 8 people;
• +8.40$/bed – Bed sheets and pillows;
• Cabin are equipped with beds only.

Plus taxes (GST and PST) and Tax on Lodging (3.5%)

KNOW MORE about our rustic cabins

You would like to stay to enjoy « après-Rafting » and campfire, but do not have camping equipment? No problem, our rustic cabins are perfect for accommodating a group of 8 people or less. These cabins offer bunk beds, 5 beds in total (3 queen and 2 singles). There is even a queen-size bed on the mezzanine for the group’s alphas. 🙂

Take the cabin at the indicated price without sheets or pillows or add $ 8.40 per bed for bedding. We have 2 cabins for a total of 16 people.

The reservation can only be done by email or phone.




Price :

0$ with Rafting;
13.05$ / person per night without Rafting;
Plus taxes.

KNOW MORE about our Camping

Our camping grounds can accommodate up to 200 people. We offer more private areas or larger ones. All kinds of groups can be satisfied. We also offer spaces far away from the evening festivities that come after Rafting, allowing for more tranquility, or closer for a more “downtown” feel.

All our Rafting or white water activity packages have access to the camp grounds included. We encourage you to rest well after your day. A drink or a beer at the end of day tastes much better after a day on the Ottawa River. An out of the ordinary feeling of well-being and a relaxed and joyous ambiance are what make our spot unique. Bring a tent and benefit from your vacation by staying for the camping, it’s part of the Rafting experience! It doesn’t cost a thing and it’s so much better! 🙂

Our camping as no service and no electricity. Our main reception barn offers electricity and running water.
Happy camping!