About us

Word from the GM

Welcome to Rafting Momentum!

Thank you for considering us among your choices for white water adventures / vacations. Know that, Rafting is not only a party on the river but also a party in the evening where friends, adrenaline and a sense of humor meet! For us, Rafting is THE best way to celebrate friendships. Isn’t that beautiful!

Why choose us? Well let me list a few factors that we think are important.

First of all, the Ottawa river is the best river for rafting in Canada! It offers, among other things, a 2 for 1; it separates into two main channels that run parallel to each other and offer the highest quality rapids. When the water is high, we follow the section known as the “Middle” because it offers the most rapids. When the water lowers, we take the “Main” because it then becomes the interesting rafting option. When the water level is between the two, there is a moment of indecision.. oh well, we’ll take both! The Ottawa river never disappoints and always offers a more than interesting alternative. Furthermore, it is internationally recognized for its white waters! It receives the most famous professional caliber white water rafting and kayaking competitions. It contains class 3 to 5 rapids, and these, at all times. Want proof?! In 2015, the biggest white water kayaking competition was held at one of our most beautiful rapids. Bleachers were erected on the banks and thousands of people were able to watch the greatest athletes of this sport compete. This international competition was held over a span of two weeks.

Also, did you know that this river does not fear drying up or overflowing? Because of its size and incredible volume, the river allows for quality rafting even during a rainy spring, a dry summer or a dull autumn ?

And all this so close to home! This jewel of constant waves is only an hour away from the Ottawa and Gatineau region. 100Km from downtown Ottawa to be exact. Which makes it the Rafting destination closest to our National Capital. Take highway 148; which offers breathtaking landscapes! Passing through Quebec you’ll be able to appreciate a pleasant drive through our farmlands. As much Rafting as we could want, so close to downtown Gatineau and Ottawa.

Did you know that we are the envy of the world for being able to go Rafting on the Ottawa river? This river is known for its warm waters! Come as soon as mid-June and already you’ll feel the magic of finding yourself in the water in complete serenity… and this, from mid-June to mid-September. Should you come enjoy the river in the months of May or April, we can lend you thermal garments known as “Wetsuits” to keep you warm.

Ok, the Ottawa river and the National Capital region of Ottawa and Gatineau are the best choice for Rafting in Canada. But what other reasons might there be to go with Rafting Momentum? Because our packages are ready to go and we offer a REAL, FULL day of Rafting and outdoors. We are THE company that offers you the most time on the river, and we are more than glad to be able to offer this to you. All our guides are passionate people that want to be on the water as long and as often as possible. I think we may do it more for us than we do it for you. By the way, did you know that we are the only Rafting company that opened its base camp December 24, 2015 to benefit from the 18 degree celsius weather that Mother Nature offered us in order to go down the Ottawa river?!?! Believe me, we love Rafting. We are passionate about white water, adrenaline and the outdoors. Not to mention, we know our playground very well.

Know that our all inclusive packages offer you a full day of Rafting and two succulent meals. Our lunch is well adapted to a day of Rafting; fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and cheese. The mix is perfect for giving you energy and keeping you hydrated. With this healthy meal, you’ll be in perfect condition to pursue your day of adventure. Upon your return to base camp, we will offer you a copious classic BBQ; as much Hamburgers, hot-dogs and Caesar salad as you want.

To elaborate on our “Ready to go all inclusive”, Rafting Momentum offers you free camping. Bring a tent and extend your vacation. After a day of Rafting with us, your beer or drink will never have tasted so good! We want you to stay and experience the relaxed, after-Rafting atmosphere where all your daily worries are forgotten. After dinner, we’ll build a campfire, always greatly appreciated and our Reception Barn transforms into a warm and convivial environment. Tell stories around the fire while you wait to see a video of your day. Because yes, we filmed your whole day and we will be ready you a montage of the best moments to burn them in your memory. This 10 minute video can double its length by watching and re-watching all the most courageous and funny moments of the day. Camping, BBQ, relaxing campfire, Barn and music are all part of the after-Rafting experience and are integral to the mini-vacation that we offer you. Indulge yourself, it doesn’t cost a thing! If you are not equipped for camping, you can rent one of our rustic cottages with everything you will need for a comfortable and enviable evening.

Still in the context of “why choose us”, well, our guides are accredited by a professional organization, the AEQ (Aventure Écotourisme Québec). This organization demands rigorous criteria for its members. We are proud to be members of the AEQ. Furthermore, know that our guides are a little silly, which, have no fear, is very agreeable. Go see our page “Our staff” to know more about them!

And last but not least, WE WILL GIVE YOU AN AMAZING DAY!!! I guarantee it!

We offer you more than any other Rafting company! Just compare! Our luxurious package, all inclusive, is well above what any other Rafting provider can offer. We are the least expensive, we spend the most time on the water and we benefit the most out of all the areas the Ottawa river has for us. With us, it’s a win-win!

Thank you for your confidence and for allowing us to live out our passion for white water and the outdoors.

Be seeing you!

Philippe Ouellette
General Manager